907 Sharkey Street 
Salmon, Idaho 83467
Salmon High School
401 South Warpath
Salmon, ID 83467
Tel: 208-756-2415
Fax: 208-756-3484

For reporting a student absence: 
   Call 208-756-2415 by 8:30 A.M.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be an innovative, effective, and respected educational organization.  We will be effective and unified in our teaching efforts through implementing Idaho Achievement Standards and measuring each student’s individual progress towards these state-wide goals.  We will adapt our teaching methods to use proven and innovative practices that are data-driven, to individualize the learning experience for each student in order that no student will be left behind.

Our Mission

The mission of Salmon High School is to provide a safe, supportive environment for teaching and learning.
About Salmon High School

There are currently 265 students enrolled at Salmon High School.  A total of 63 freshman students are expected to graduate Spring of 2017. The sophomore class is comprised of 73 students that will graduate Spring of 2016. The junior class is comprised of 68 students who are due to graduate Spring of 2015. The senior class is currently the smallest class at Salmon High with 60 senior students who will graduate Spring of 2014. Out of 265 students, there are 137 male students and 128 female students.  

Class requirements for graduation include obtaining credits in the areas of English, Math, Speech, Science, Economics, Physical Education, Health, Humanities/Fine Arts, American Government, U.S. History, and Professional Tech.  For more information regarding graduation requirements please visit our counseling section

Salmon High School offers dual credits for Speech through the University of Idaho, with more to come that will fall under our Career Pathways program.  Dual credit courses are also available thru IDLA along with number of elective courses to choose from.

Our students can choose to participate in a variety of activities including football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, golf, cross country, track and field, cheerleading, pep band, student council, FFA, Robotics, Key Club, Honor Society, Travel Club, and Natural Helpers.

Students can also choose to be involved in a number of community acitivites such as hockey, rodeo, and baseball.
Salmon High School Address

Salmon High School
401 South Warpath
Salmon, ID 83467