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Salmon, Idaho 83467
Salmon Jr.- Sr. High School
401 South Warpath
Salmon, ID 83467
Tel: 208-756-2415
Fax: 208-756-3484

For reporting a student absence: 
   Call 208-756-2415 by 8:30 A.M.

Career Pathways
Salmon High Schools Career Pathways

The Salmon School District recognizes the commitment students make by selecting a pathway and educational plan throughout high school.  The Pathway Completer and Honors Program acknowledge students who have completed a sequence of coursework in a pathway program.  Students earning a grade of B or better in each course receive the distinction of wearing a Pathway Honor Cord at graduation. These students can also receive college Tech Prep Credits for courses taken in each completed pathway.  

Our Four Career Pathways at SHS 

Students can use the Four-Year Student Plan to map out their courses throughout high school.