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SHS Student Learning Plans

Providing the best possible education for all students is the heart of what we do at Salmon High School. If you have a child at SHS that is a 10th grader this year, he/she will be taking the (Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT). The ISAT is the Idaho State Standardized Test that is required for high school graduation. Proficiency on the 10th grade ISAT verifies that the student has met the standards in reading (220-234+), language usage (226-241+) and mathematics (238-250+).  The ISAT is only one measure of a student’s performance; it does provide an exceptional indicator of a student’s competencies in subject areas such as reading, writing and math. Students NOT scoring in the overall range listed above in any one of these test areas will be placed on a Student Learning Plan (SLP) and be retested.  Students NOT performing at this level are considered to be at risk for not meeting the new Idaho State graduation requirements and therefore may need some additional interventions to help them boost their skills. 

Students who did not meet the standards in one or more of their ISAT areas or have a core GPA of less than a 2.0 and are not on a special Individualized Education Program for that area, will enter in a partnership with Salmon High School and their parents to develop an individualized Student Learning Plan (SLP). Depending on the student’s needs, some plans may be more involved than others. Our goal is to serve the needs of all students so they will be successful in achieving their Certificate of Academic Achievement in high school (AKA High School Diploma). During the month of October, you will be contacted by a SHS staff member if an SLP is necessary for your child’s success. We look forward to helping all students meet their standards and maximize their learning. As partners in your child’s education, we can Raise the Student Achievement Bar together at Salmon High School!

Idaho Standards Achievement Tests (ISAT)

The ISAT is an important component of the statewide student assessment system as stated in the board rule 08.02.03-Rules Governing Thoroughness. The ISAT is administered to students in grades 3-10 to provide ongoing monitoring of individual, school, district, and state progress. One component of the ISAT required for high school graduation is the 10th grade test in reading, language usage, and mathematics. Proficiency on the 10th grade ISAT verifies that an Idaho student has met Idaho standards in reading, language usage, and mathematics.
Academic proficiency is more than test scores. Competency in reading, language usage, mathematics, and science is the goal for every child. In accordance with No Child Left Behind, the ISAT measures proficiency in four key areas: reading, language usage, mathematics, and science.

The ISAT is composed of reading, language usage, and mathematics tests for grades 3-10 and science tests for grades 5, 7, and 10. Multiple-choice items are used to assess what a student knows and is expected to do on the Idaho content standards. These items are used to assess a variety of skill levels, from short-term recall of facts to problem solving.

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