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About the School

There are currently 450 students enrolled at Salmon Jr.-Sr. High School in grades 6-12.    


Class requirements for graduation include obtaining credits in the areas of English, Math, Speech, Science, Economics, Physical Education, Health, Humanities/Fine Arts, American Government, U.S. History, and Professional Tech.  For more information regarding graduation requirements please visit our counseling section


Salmon Jr.-Sr. High School offers dual credit opportunities in several classrooms, depending on the current offerings.  Dual credit courses are also available through IDLA and the Idaho Education Network(IEN) along with a bevy of elective courses to choose from.


Our students can choose to participate in a variety of activities including football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, golf, cross country, track and field, cheerleading, pep band, student council, FFA, Key Club, Honor Society, Travel Club, Link Crew, and Drug-Free Youth(DFY).


Students can also choose to be involved in a number of community activities such as hockey, rodeo, soccer, and baseball.

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