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Student Lighthouse Team

Student Lighthouse Team (SLT) consists of two students per grade level. These students work with the adult Lighthouse Team to Inspire and Improve Leadership at Pioneer Elementary School. The current SLT has also set up an Ambassador team. This team is made up of one student per classroom and they help the SLT gather data from their classes and get information to their classes.


With the help of the Ambassadors the SLT is working on a couple of service projects. One project has Pioneer students creating artwork for the residents at the Discovery Care Center. They gathered ideas from the entire student body through the help of the ambassadors and came up with ideas for service projects; Help animals and Clean Up the World.  They also collected ideas to Inspire and Improve Pioneer Elementary as a whole; they implemented a Bathroom Survivor contest between the boys and girls to inspire students to do a better job at keeping the bathrooms clean and worked with the PTO to get t-shirts for every student. We now have White Out Thursdays To create some Pioneer Spirit.  


The team has also set up an aluminum can tab collection for one of our own, Tabs for Trevyn.

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