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Accessibility Notice

Last Updated: 11/4/2020 10:44 PM

Salmon School District #291 is striving to ensure that its website and published content are accessible for as broad of a user base as possible. The Salmon School District seeks to comply with the practices and standards as defined by Section 508 of the U.S. Rehabilitation Act and the Office of Civil Rights.


Salmon School District #291 welcomes those with disabilities to participate fully in the programs, services and activities offered to students, parents, guardians and members of the public. If you need online information or functionality that is currently inaccessible, please contact Chay Farrand at (208) 756-4271 or e-mail at so that we may make every reasonable effort to accommodate you.


Any person who believes he/she has been denied online information or functionality in violation of Section 504 or Title II of the ADA may file a written grievance with the District by submitting a Grievance in accordance with District Policy 4120, which is available at on the District’s web-site or can be obtained at the District office.


Our site is in the process of being revised, and in the interim, we value your opinions. Please send any comments or questions to our website caretaker, Chay Farrand, at

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