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Updated Response to COVID-19 March 17

Parents and Staff:

The Salmon Board of Trustees and the Admin team continue to have discussions over the decision whether to close schools.  We spoke with various government agencies all the way to the Governor’s office over the weekend and again yesterday.  We read your emails.  We heard from staff.  We watched what was being posted on social media.

This was an extremely hard decision, but agencies at every level of government urged us to continue school this week to get us to Spring Break.  The decision to hold school will continue to be a day-to-day process as we consult with our health and government agencies. If the decision to cancel school is made, the all-call system will be utilized to notify parents along with the radio station being notified.  The Board will have a special meeting on Thursday March 26th to determine how to proceed following Spring Break.

At the heart of our decision-making process was thinking about what is best for our students, our families, and the community as a whole.  The decision meant thinking about all of the students we serve, from those who depend on the various services schools offer, to students who profit from their academic success. At Monday night’s meeting, the Board approved a waiver of the attendance policy during this time, and the district and trustees support parents and staff who feel the need to quarantine their families at home.



Chris Born

Salmon School District #291

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