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Going Forward - Updated COVID-19

Going forward:

Starting Monday March 30th and continuing every Monday-Thursday 8 - 10 AM, while the “Soft Closure” is in force, Grab-n-Go breakfast/lunch will be available for pickup in the parking lot of the SJSHS for students ages 4 to 18. The building will not be open.

Teachers and support staff will be in the schools working Monday March 30th and Tuesday March 31st preparing lessons to provide to their students via email, online, hard copy or a combination of them.

Parents should receive a phone call from the schools verifying contact information and to find out if a student has access to lessons via email, online or if they have to have a paper packet available for them.  As a parent, if you have not received a phone call by Tuesday March 31st at 4 pm, please call the school your child is registered at on the morning of Wednesday April 1st to update information. 

Pioneer parents will pick up packets from your child’s teacher Wednesday April 1st from 8 - 11 AM.  No parents will be allowed inside the Pioneer.  You will need to go to the window outside your student’s classroom and information will be handed to you through the window.  Please maintain distance between others picking up packets so that we can protect everyone.

SJSHS/Alt school students can enter the SJSHS Wednesday April 1st between 8 - 11AM. to empty their lockers and pick up necessary work. Access to classrooms will not be allowed.  We will be limiting it to 10 students at a time, so please plan to get in and get out as quickly as possible so as to keep things moving. Please do not gather together outside the doors to the school, rather space yourself appropriately apart as you wait to enter.

We know these are not the easiest of times, and as information is changing on a daily basis, please know the above plans may change at a moments notice.   Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we continue to navigate these unchartered waters. 

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