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As educators and community members, we have the unique opportunity to directly impact the life of a child. No matter our role, however large or perceptively small… We make a difference. We open doors. We create opportunities. We make dreams come true.

Do you remember what it was like to dream as a child? I do. So let’s continue to work together as a community by opening our doors, communicating, being creative, and showing compassion to the next generation (our students).  It is my firm belief that if we can accomplish these simple tasks that we can increase the pride and commitment that will show student excellence and ultimately prepare our students for a successful life after the Salmon School District.   

Together we can uplift every child’s hopes and goals into the ultimate good dream – reality. I ask you to devote your time to the pursuit of dreams – yours and those of others. For the only dreams that are impossible are the ones we never have the courage to pursue.

Start Here, Go Anywhere!

Dr. Troy Easterday, Ph.d, Ed.S


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